Discover the Pigeon

The rock pigeon, or Columba livia in Latin, is one of the best-known and most common bird species in urban and rural environments around the world. Its feathers vary from brown to white and more generally come with grey-blue shades. The pigeon is distinguished by the bright yellow, greenish, and mauve-reddish marks that it sports along its neck and on the feathers of its wings. It’s also recognized by the two dark stripes on its tail.

The lifestyle of the pigeon

Pigeon habitat :

Present on all continents, the pigeon has very few natural predators in urban environments apart from a few birds of prey, such as buzzards and peregrine falcons. It’s a species that has been able to adapt to the rigours of Quebec winters. A gregarious bird, it nests in groups in the cavities that it finds in buildings: holes, attics, patios, cracks, crevices, ledges, etc. The pigeon also takes shelter under infrastructure, such as bridges or viaducts.

Pigeon diet :

Though it prefers seeds, the rock pigeon feeds on anything that it finds on the ground.

Pigeon breeding :

The breeding season of the pigeon runs from April to the end of October. Females usually have three to four broods per year, during which they give birth to two or three chicks each time. Squabs are born with yellowish down with shades of red. They are fed by both parents before leaving the nest after about one month. Pigeons are monogamous and stay with their partner for their whole lives.
Comment éloigner les pigeons - how to get rid of pigeons

The risks associated with the pigeon

As pigeons gather in groups, they produce large amounts of droppings wherever they are found. Besides making buildings unattractive, pigeon droppings can carry many diseases that can be transmitted to humans: cryptococcosis, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, ornithosis, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis, Newcastle disease, etc. And that’s not to mention that these highly corrosive droppings deteriorate buildings, vehicles, and outdoor furniture. Bird Solution offers a range of devices to prevent pigeons from reaching the corners where they like to take shelter and nest.
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