Spider-style bird deterrents

Spider-style bird repellents are perfect for keeping large birds at bay, whether it’s at your business location, parking area, farm structures, or any other open space. This device, with its rods, can be effortlessly set up on flat rooftops, AC units, streetlights, boats, and other challenging areas to shield. Its subtle design makes it a top pick, even for high-traffic areas that are easily visible.

A subtle yet effective bird deterrent

Constructed from stainless steel, this system boasts a durable material designed to endure both time and the elements. It effectively wards off unwanted birds in a humane manner. The rods come with plastic tips to ensure neither birds nor people get hurt in areas where these devices are set up. While it’s user-friendly in terms of installation, this bird repellent delivers the best results when set up by a professional. Our team knows exactly where to place them for maximum protection.

All-around bird protection

The design of this spider-style system prevents bird colonies from settling on your property. Proven in real-world scenarios, this device helps manage several pesky bird species.


These large birds can quickly become a problem, especially when they flock to patios, parking spaces, walkways, and other spots in search of food. Drawn by leftover food, seagulls aren’t wary of humans. That’s where spider-style deterrents or other bird prevention methods come into play to reduce their presence.


While pigeons are a common sight and familiar to most, many aren’t aware of the havoc they can wreak when they congregate in large numbers near businesses, parks, underground garages, or on flat rooftops. Pigeon droppings not only damage structures but also give a messy look. For cleanliness and maintenance, it’s best to use humane and effective repellents to deter pigeons.

Other large bird species

The spider-style deterrents are versatile and ideal for a range of applications, effectively keeping away large birds. Their flexible rods stop birds from settling wherever they’re installed.

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