Bird Spikes

Bird spikes can be installed on a wide range of surfaces: concrete, stone, steel, and many more. Their presence prevents medium- and large-sized birds (such as pigeons, seagulls or crows) from perching on ledges, parapets, sculptures, or windows. Bird Spikes are an effective solution for protecting your business, warehouse, or farm.

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Bird spikes that stand the test of time

Bird spikes work quite simply: their long stainless-steel rods prevent birds from perching in the locations where this bird control product is installed. The optimal spacing of the spikes prevents the accumulation of debris and nesting materials, unlike other products sold on the market. Available in various widths, bird spikes can be installed on any type of surface and—thanks to its flexible base—is suitable for less accessible areas. When installed by certified technicians, bird spikes offer increased effectiveness and require no maintenance—a good reason to rely on the experienced team from Bird Solution, since our specialists have performed hundreds of bird spikes installations on all types of structures!
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Anti bird spikes protect against many species

Bird spikes prevent birds from landing in places where their presence is unwanted. They are a proven bird control product for preventing colonies of multiple species from gathering together on your property. Contact us to find the best bird spikes solutions for your building!

The pigeon is a very common bird species in Quebec and around the world. Anti pigeon spikes will keep them away from signs, ledges, and ornamental structures, where they are used to landing.

Seagulls are particularly adapted to human populations. That’s why their proximity can be disruptive. The presence of anti seagull spikes will keep them away from places where they could cause damage or inconvenience to your customers.

This gregarious species live in groups, in both natural environments and in the heart of urban areas. With its characteristic cawing, its presence doesn’t go unnoticed! Anti crow spikes are an effective method for keeping crows away from your environment and eliminating the noise pollution that they cause.

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