The Birds of Quebec - Bird Identification

As Quebec’s common birds identification expert, Bird Solution helps you learn more about several species. The list of birds found in Quebec contains certain invasive species. While birds brighten up the natural environments to which they belong, their presence in urban, agricultural, and residential environments can turn them into a nuisance. This is even more true when individuals gather together in large colonies and invade the spaces where they choose to rest or nest.

Quebec birds identification

Many species appear on the list of harmful birds in Quebec. Before proposing the appropriate method for the problem that you are encountering, our team of specialists will identify the targeted species.
A widespread species, the pigeon nests in colonies in the cavities of buildings and under infrastructure. Feeding on everything it finds, it’s sometimes called a “garbage collector.”
Very common in Quebec, this species favours locations where food scraps are found. The seagull frequently settles on the roofs of buildings, where it’s protected from predators.
Known for the noise pollution that it produces, the crow, which lives in groups, invades various habitats, ranging from natural spaces to urban areas.
Moving in colonies that can quickly become invasive, in Quebec, the starling has a penchant for trees and the roofs of buildings.
Places frequented by humans are preferred by sparrows, a species that appears on the list of the most common birds in Quebec. They are found in industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential areas.
When these migratory birds return to Quebec, they settle near bodies of water: ponds, lakes, riverbanks, etc.

Bird control methods that are respectful of nature

On the list of birds present in Quebec, some species are more harmful than others. The bird control techniques and products that we use at Bird Solution are both economical and conscious of wildlife and the environment. Our know-how will let you appreciate nature and your environment without being inconvenienced by the risks associated with birds.
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