Bird Diseases Humans Can Catch

Can birds transmit diseases to humans? Yes! There are many bird diseases that humans can catch. Don’t let harmful birds become a threat to your health. Learn more about the risks posed by the colonies of birds that frequent your living environment.

What diseases can humans get from birds?

It’s not just a myth: birds can carry diseases that humans can contract. Pigeon and seagull droppings carry an increased risk of transmitting these diseases. That’s why it’s essential to protect buildings and other living spaces from infestations of these species. Here are some of the diseases and bacteria that humans can catch after contact with birds or their droppings: salmonellosis, E. coli bacteria, ornithosis, psittacosis, avian flu, fungal infections, bird mites, etc. You should know that birds can also carry pests, such as ticks or fleas.
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How can I prevent catching a bird disease?

As soon as the first signs appear that bird colonies are present in your environment, request the assistance of professionals to avoid contracting a bird disease that humans can catch. The technicians from Bird Solution are specialized in bird and pest control and act on multiple fronts to reduce the risks to your health. Discover how we can help you protect your environment.

Preventing bird disease humans can catch

The list of bird diseases that humans can catch is long. That’s why it’s important to act fast if you notice that birds have settled in your business, factory, or warehouse. By relying on the Bird Solution team, you’re protecting the health of your employees, your customers, your suppliers, and anyone who frequents your establishment.
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