Electric Shock Bird Control Systems

Equally suitable for crows, sparrows, pigeons, and several other species, the electric shock bird control system is a versatile bird control device. Let our experts take care of the installation of problematic structures to guarantee effective protection against the unwanted birds that have settled there.
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Highly discreet electric shock bird control systems

One of the major benefits of the electrical bird track is that it’s a bird repellent that blends in easily with your décor. Thanks to its low profile and the variety of colours in which it’s available—black, grey, beige, and white—the electric track for birds goes unnoticed on all the structures where it’s installed. It’s suited to a multitude of installations: on parapets, signs or commercial lettering, concrete edges, arches, and other ornamental structures. Keep harmful birds away from all these surfaces with our electric shock bird control systems!
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Electric shock bird control systems are a versatile protection

A bird repellent that can be installed on a wide variety of structures, the electric track lets you keep many bird species away. Get in touch with us to find the best electric shock bird control systems for your building!
The electric bird track keeps pigeons—a very common species in Quebec—away from the corners where they are used to perching.
Seagulls are attracted to spaces where they can find food scraps, which leads them to frequent the same environments as humans. Very well adapted to urban life, they settle away from natural predators, often on the roofs of buildings.
This species is well known for disturbing the peace due to its cawing and the wide variety of sounds that it emits. As they live in large groups—in both agricultural settings and cities or residential areas—their presence can become invasive for humans.
A species known for being gregarious, starlings move in large colonies. The electrified band will keep them away from the edges of buildings, ledges, or commercial signage, for example.
Groups of sparrows are found in commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential areas, since this species prefers locations also frequented by humans.
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