Seagull Control

If you search for how to get rid of seagulls, discover our seagull control solutions to reduce the health risks and aesthetic problems caused by the presence of these birds that produce large amounts of droppings. As the species is protected by laws on migratory birds, only certified seagull control professionals—such as those from the Bird Solution team—are authorized to control them.

Recognizing the seagull

In cities, flocks of seagulls can become invasive and often require implementing seagull control measures. Specimens of this species are regularly seen in places where they are likely to find food scraps, such as garbage dumps, parking lots, restaurant patios, parks, schoolyards, etc. In cities, people can wonder how to get rid of seagulls because they use roofs as nesting grounds and to take shelter. These birds with grey and white feathers are also encountered in their natural environment: perched on cliffs, in fields, and on islands.
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Get the best seagull control solutions

To prevent these birds from invading your environment, several seagull control systems are at your disposal. Our technicians will help you to choose the right seagull control solution to get rid of them according to your situation.
Resistant and durable, this system offers an immediate and permanent solution to get rid of seagulls. As it is a soaring bird, it won’t be able to perch on your roof. This bird control product has the advantage of adapting to virtually all surfaces.

An ultrasonic device and other sonic devices are a practical and accessible way to get rid of seagulls. The products that we offer are easy to program and let you counter the presence of multiple harmful species.

With its low profile and variety of available colours, the electrified band blends in easily with your décor. It effectively gets rid of unwanted seagulls.

As seagulls are highly intelligent, it’s essential to use all the necessary techniques and devices to control the flocks effectively. Our team’s approach in the field lets you solve the problem once and for all.

Opt for seagull control hassle-free installation

By entrusting the installation of the appropriate seagull control device to our professionals, you have the assurance that the bird control will be carried out effectively and with respect for the birds and nature. The products that we offer at Bird Solution are durable and covered by a warranty. Ask our specialists to get rid of seagulls permanently.

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