How to Get Rid of Sparrows

Seemingly harmless, sparrows can nevertheless become a nuisance. How to get rid of sparrows that have settled on the edges of your building or inside it? Our team of sparrow control experts will help you find the most suitable device for the structure of the building where these birds have nested.

Recognizing the sparrow

Sparrows are one of the most common bird species. They can be recognized by their brown-black feathers, their unmelodious chirping, and their hopping when they aren’t in flight. These birds aggressively search for food on the ground. During the winter, they find shelter inside commercial buildings and other places that offer them heat and food. Whether it’s in a commercial, residential, or industrial area, their unwanted presence drives many people and businesses to want to get rid of sparrows. This is where our bird control service comes in to help you get rid of sparrows.

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Find the ideal service to get rid of sparrows

Several bird control products are available to you to get rid of sparrows effectively.

Discreet and almost invisible, the twisted polyethylene net integrates into a wide range of places to prevent birds from settling there: hangars, warehouses, farms, fields, and many more. It’s a bird control solution that resists wear and tear and UV rays and that gets you rid of sparrows effectively.

Keep sparrows away and other unwanted species using an ultrasonic device. Easy to program, this sparrow control product lets you protect the desired space effectively and adapts to multiple species.

The electrified band keeps harmful sparrows away from signs, arches, parapets, etc. Thanks to its low profile and the wide range of colours in which it’s available, it blends in harmoniously with your décor.

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Capture and relocation

Our sparrow control and capture service lets you get rid of one or more sparrows that have found shelter inside your building. You have the assurance that the captured specimens will be relocated to a healthy and natural environment.

An experienced sparrow control team

Are you unable to get rid of the sparrows that have made their nest in your gutters, ledge, or patio, or that have settled in your supermarket? Rely on the Bird Solution team to keep sparrows and other unwanted species away from your property. True specialists in their field, our experts can propose the most suitable solutions for your building and your situation. Our sparrow control solutions are economical, eco-friendly, and completely guaranteed.

Other species targeted with our bird control services

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