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Are you looking for a bird control service? How can you get rid of the pigeons that have gathered on the parapets of your building to welcome your customers? Have flocks of seagulls invaded your fish farm or golf course? To get rid of the birds that are inconveniencing you effectively, trust Bird Solution and choose our bird control services. The elimination of harmful species no longer holds any secrets for our team!

Bird control services and products

Bird Solution offers a turnkey bird control service with a wide variety of products suited to all types of structures. To figure out how to get rid of the birds that have settled inside or on the edges of your building, our specialists know how to guide you to the most effective method according to your needs. Among other solutions, we offer:
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Our bird control services and programs

Whatever the species causing the problem, with our bird control services, figure out how to keep unwanted birds away in an economical and eco-friendly way. It may be beneficial to rely on a suitable bird control program to solve a recurring problematic situation. With our programs, you benefit from the expertise of certified biologists. Several bird and pest control methods have proven themselves in the field:

Unparalleled bird control expertise

How can you ensure that harmful birds are kept away once and for all? Our technicians will quickly identify the problematic species and propose a bird control service tailored to your situation, whatever type of bird is inconveniencing you. Highly qualified, they are certified to control the species that are protected by laws on migratory birds, such as seagulls and geese. Entrust your problem to us with peace of mind and get rid of birds. At Bird Solution, we guarantee the effectiveness of our methods.

Bird species targeted with our bird control services

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