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Before choosing a bird repellent, make sure to obtain the personalized advice of bird and pest control professionals who have numerous achievements in the field under their belts, because it’s easy to get lost among all the products and bird repellers available on the market. That’s why, by contacting the advisors at Bird Solution, you’re sure to find the most suitable bird control solution for your avian problem—nothing less!

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We offer many high-quality bird control repellents and deterrents. Thanks to the precision of their knowledge, our technicians will guide you in choosing the bird control service tailored to your needs:

Whether it’s for a hangar, a warehouse, an indoor parking lot, a business, or a multitude of other locations, the twisted polyethylene net keeps birds away from the spaces where they like to make their nests and take shelter.

This type of bird deterrent works quite simply: the long stainless-steel rods prevent unwanted bird species from perching on structures of all sorts.

Easy to program, ultrasonic systems and other sonic devices let you target all the invading bird species thanks to the numerous frequencies available. This makes them highly versatile bird repellents, and economical on top of that!

An effective bird deterrent, the electrified band prevents harmful birds from perching on signs, ornamental structures, arches, concrete parapets, etc. Its low profile makes it a very discreet option.

A highly effective bird control service that allows for a comprehensive approach, our bird control programs are carried out by certified and qualified technicians. Discover this alternative to traditional methods of deterrence.
By their presence and their droppings, birds can transmit diseases. You must quickly decontaminate the droppings that have accumulated on and around the structures and your living environment.

Wire mesh system

Offering increased durability, this bird repellent prevents soaring birds, such as seagulls, from perching on your roof. An immediate solution that adapts to virtually all surfaces.

A multitude of bird control alternative products

Bird Solution also acts as a distributor of many other bird control products that have proven their effectiveness in the field. Ask our bird and pest control advisors for more information about how to use spider devices, metal wires, slides, anti-bird spirals, visual repellent systems, and many more bird repellents.

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