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Bird problems? Do you want to get rid of harmful birds? We have the solution! With 20 years of experience in bird and pest control, our team is dedicated to eliminating the risks and inconveniences caused by different species of birds, whether it’s in the residential, commercial, or industrial sector or in public infrastructure. Bird Solution is a division of the ExterminaPro Inc. pest management company.

Highly qualified technicians

The certified technicians from Bird Solution have carried out hundreds of projects, over the course of which they have developed cutting-edge expertise in bird population control. They possess the know-how to work with a multitude of structures and to understand them down to the last detail. That’s also why we act as consultants and play an advisory role with architectural firms, in the civil engineering sector, and with general contractors. Trust us to solve your problems related to birds and other harmful animals for good. We only use proven methods and guaranteed bird control products.
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Specially tailored solutions

Concerned about animals and nature, Bird Solution adopts practices that respect both wildlife and the environment. Working in the field for many years, we’ve developed unique protection plans to meet the specific needs of various sectors: municipal, governmental, industrial, residential, real estate, and agriculture. Find out how we can help you eliminate the presence of birds that are inconveniencing you:

A trusted team and partners

Bird Solution holds the following certifications and permits:
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