Bird Birth Control Programs

Giving you access to the expertise of a certified biologist, among other things, our bird control programs are an effective alternative to traditional methods of deterrence. Find out about this solution, which can prove more economical in the long run. In addition, our action plans can be tailored to all species of birds and wild animals in urban settings.

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Our bird birth control approach

The effectiveness of the methods and techniques that we adopt has been proven. The control programs offered by Bird Solution basically aim to perform bird birth control to prevent colonies from invading your environment. This is a particularly beneficial method for controlling goose and seagull populations. Our professionals act on multiple levels to solve your problem for good:
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Safe and cruelty-free bird birth control

Have peace of mind: all our bird control methods are respectful of the environment and animals, and we’re proud of them. Our team makes every effort to relocate the specimens to a healthy, natural environment. From a health standpoint, the presence of birds on roofs and around buildings involves many risks. Eliminate the risk of contamination that these birds’ droppings represent by letting professionals control the presence of these harmful species.

Goose and seagull birth control programs

The goose is a migratory bird that comes back each year to make its nest in the same location, generation after generation. That’s why its presence can become a recurring problem! Colonies are increasingly found near sources of water, such as ponds, riverbanks, and lakes, as well as parks, golf courses, and fish farms. As Canada geese and seagulls are among the species protected by the laws on migratory birds, only certified professionals are authorized to control these birds. Contact our specialists to learn more about the actions that they can take to solve an invasive bird problem.
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