Disinfection services for the decontamination of bird droppings: for your safety

By their presence and their droppings, birds can transmit diseases. For this reason, they present a danger to the health of your employees, your customers, or those close to you. To ensure their safety, you must quickly decontaminate the droppings that have accumulated on and around the structures and your living environment.

Targeted decontamination

At Solution Oiseaux, with our disinfection services, we make the protection of your environment our priority. Bird droppings can accumulate in many places in your environment. With our disinfection services we can intervene at your business, your home, your warehouses, on a construction site or even around street infrastructure. We will decontaminate and disinfect contaminated surfaces quickly and safely.

Use of effective products

Our certified technicians who carry out these disinfection services use the most effective products to get rid of leftover bird droppings that contaminate your environment. They use a combination of products specially developed to overcome harmful droppings when performing the aforementioned disinfection services:
These cleaning and disinfecting products are designed to kill the harmful elements, the use of these with the expertise of our disinfection services specialists will ensure a healthy environment.

Specialized equipment for quality disinfection services

At all times, our professionals work with protective equipment suitable for our disinfection services. We also have all the specialized equipment required to perform the work safely. In order to limit the production of contaminated dust, we use pressure washing or mechanical collection equipment. The mobile tank used for our disinfection services does not require a water intake which allows us to operate anywhere in the field, without constraints. Our equipment therefore allows us to carry out our disinfection services anywhere, regardless of the scope of the work.
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