Pigeon Control Services

How to get rid of pigeons that gather together in groups in the holes that they spot on your building? Bird Solution offers you a range of effective products for preventing these birds from accessing the vulnerable areas of structures: roofs, cracks, crevices, ledges, holes, etc. Get in touch with our pigeon control experts to learn more about our solutions.

Recognizing the pigeon

The pigeon is encountered in both urban and rural settings. Indeed, this is one of the most common bird species across the world. As this bird has few natural predators, particularly in cities, you may wonder how to get rid of pigeons otherwise. This species—which is characterized by the bright marks on its neck and wings and by its generally grey-blue colour—is very well suited to our climate.
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A vast array of pigeon control services

How do you get rid of pigeons effectively? Multiple pigeon control devices will help you to keep them away and eliminate the adverse effects of their presence in your living environment. Contact our pigeon control services to find out which one is the right for you.

This versatile bird control product is effective for countering the presence of all types of birds like pigeons. Twisted polyethylene bird netting is installed discreetly to prevent pigeons from reaching the corners where they like to seek refuge to take shelter and make their nests. This durable product is perfect to get rid of pigeons and it is resistant to wear and tear and UV rays.

The long stainless-steel rods of this device prevent pigeons from perching on the surfaces where it’s installed. By opting for the professional installation of this pigeon control product, you’re guaranteed to get rid of pigeons with increased efficiency and that this product won’t require any maintenance.

Get rid of pigeons’ invasion and protect fields, roofs, orchards, golf courses, and many other areas. These bird control devices are easy to program and, by choosing the frequency yourself, you can effectively target the species that is causing you problems, like pigeons.

Electrified bands can be installed on a wide variety of surfaces: parapets, concrete edges, signs, arches, lettering, etc. These bird control products are discreet and get rid of pigeons thanks to their low profile, among other aspects.

Get rid of pigeons with Bird Solution’s cutting-edge expertise

If you’re wondering how to get rid of the pigeons that have become a nuisance in your environment, our team is there to identify the most suitable methods for your situation. Our pigeon control products and other bird solutions are economical and have proven themselves in the field over the years.

Other species targeted with our bird control services

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