Canada Goose Control

With the specialized team at Bird Solution, discover how to get rid of geese, those migratory birds that come back to make their nests each year in the same location. Only certified professionals are authorized to control this bird species since the Canada goose is one of the species protected by the laws on migratory birds. Get in touch with our Canada goose control experts to learn more about our solutions.

Recognizing the Canada goose

Geese, which are distinguished by their long necks and their black and white feathers, are generally seen near wet areas, such as ponds, swamps, and the edges of rivers and lakes. As they are a protected bird species, large and sometimes invasive colonies settle near these bodies of water. This noisy bird can often be found nesting near homes due to the growing urbanization that encroaches on natural environments. To learn how to get rid of geese while complying with the applicable laws, entrust this responsibility to the Canada goose control expert team from Bird Solution.
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Our Canada goose control programs

Are you wondering how you can get rid of geese from your golf course, a park, or the banks of a river? The certified Canada goose control technicians from Bird Solution will provide you with all the useful information about our geese control programs. With them, you benefit from the expertise of a certified biologist who will solve all your problems related to Canada geese for good. And rest assured: all our bird control services are respectful of animals and the environment. Get rid of geese with our experienced team. We relocate all animals and birds to a healthy, natural environment.

Rely on qualified Canada goose control technicians

The increased presence of this species of aquatic bird on the territory leads to its share of inconveniences. How can you get rid of geese and prevent their droppings from contaminating streams and the surrounding land? The Canada goose control professionals from Bird Solution know how to get rid of geese and will propose effective and eco-friendly measures for scaring off geese. These solutions let you limit their presence and—above all—push these birds toward natural and more suitable habitats where they can settle in peace. Contact us to get rid of geese!

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