Starling Control Solutions

Figuring out how to get rid of starlings can be a real puzzle, considering that these birds gather together in impressive and invasive colonies. That’s why the Bird Solution team puts their starling control expertise to work for you to help you solve the problems caused by this harmful, gregarious bird. If you don’t know what to do, call us and talk to a starling control professional, we will guide you.

Recognizing the starling

A small, plump bird, the starling displays different shades depending on the season: in warm weather, it can be recognized by its green-mauve feathers marked with white, while its feathers become darker during the cold season. How can you get rid of starlings, these seemingly harmless birds? It’s primarily due to the adverse effects that they cause in agricultural areas, where they consume and contaminate large amounts of animal feed, that livestock owners seek to get rid of them. In urban areas, their droppings soil and damage buildings, not to mention the risk that starlings pose to health.
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Effective starling Control deterrents

Our starling control specialists will advise you to identify how to get rid of starlings most effectively, according to your needs.

Highly discreet, the twisted polyethylene net adapts to the location that you want to protect from bird intrusions: warehouses and businesses, fields, farms, underground parking lots, and many more. Our bird net is a effective solution to get rid of starlings because the material of which it’s made is resistant to sunlight and wear and tear.

To keep starlings away from agricultural and commercial environments, ultrasonic devices and other sonic equipment are a versatile and inexpensive solution.

Able to be installed on a wide variety of surfaces, the electrified band helps to get rid of starlings and also prevents other harmful birds from perching on signs, ledges, parapets, or concrete edges. This starling control deterrent is available in a range of colours so that it blends in discreetly with the buildings.

Rely on the best starling control expertise

How can you get rid of starlings and other unwanted species that have nested in the corners of your commercial or residential building? Specialists in the field, the Bird Solution team will propose the appropriate bird control techniques and devices according to your situation. Our economical solutions respect the environment, nature, and birds. Get in touch with our starling control experts to learn more about our solutions.

Other species targeted with our bird control services

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