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Highly versatile, bird netting keeps all types of birds away. Made of twisted polyethylene and very resistant, bird nets can be installed in a multitude of locations to prevent harmful birds from reaching the spaces where they like to take shelter and make their nests. Contact our bird control expert to know which solution is right for you!

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Strong and durable bird nets

The high-quality anti-bird netting offered by Bird Solution provides increased durability and effectiveness compared to other types of nets on the market. It’s a strong, tear-resistant bird control product that doesn’t risk sagging over time. And no worries about using it for outdoor facilities: polyethylene is highly resistant to UV rays. Meant to be discreet, anti-bird nets are available in multiple colours to blend in with the structure to be covered. Ask about the possibilities of installing bird netting with slides or mobile anchors, which are ideal for periodic or temporary installations.

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Custom bird nets for any species

One of the major benefits of bird netting is that it’s a method of deterrence that has proven its effectiveness with numerous bird species. Its versatility makes this bird control product an excellent choice!
A very common bird species in Quebec, pigeons gather in colonies on buildings and under bridges and viaducts. Installing bird netting will prevent them from reaching the cavities where they like to take shelter.
Seagulls prefer the roofs of buildings, which protect them from predators; large spaces where they can easily find food; and industrial parks. With bird netting, you can restrict access to the structures where seagulls perch in large numbers.
Bird netting effectively keeps away crows, a species recognized for being particularly noisy and disruptive.
Colonies of starlings can become invasive, since they gather together in large numbers. Get rid of starlings from your commercial and industrial buildings with versatile bird netting.
Sparrows are fond of places frequented by humans, where they can sometimes become inconvenient. Bird netting is a good method of deterrence to get rid of them.
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